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Dreamkeeper-Cart .com is the Original Seller and Copyright holder for the famous "mini shopping cart".

The company is the brainchild of owner James Reidy, who started his company “Dreamkeeper” in 1992. He and his partner Nance sold many carts during the nineties. I can remember them at Nieman Marcus, Marshall Fields and as a store display and also at my local hardware store in Studio City, California. I’m pretty sure the cart is still there today. The carts sold very well back then even at the same price of about $80 if you were to add shipping.

Today, Dreamkeeper is back up on its toes ready to sell more quality shopping carts. These carts are the original cart, solid steel with a chrome finish. The cart also has a real fold up baby seat and the carts are all stackable, just like at the store. 

You might ask yourself why you would want a mini shopping cart. Well, the reasons are numerous. The Dreamkeeper Shopping cart is a quality novelty item that will last for generations, the engineering on the cart is perfect and the cart is no joke, weighing in at 3 pounds. It is sturdy, durable and useful. It is quite the unique item and can complement whatever arrangement you provide for it. Besides all this, the Dreamkeeper mini shopping cart is the ORIGINAL!

The shopping carts sold so well back then, cheap, wirey, non wheel moving copies were popping up at ridiculous prices! Why most of those carts would look like they would fall apart! We became unenamored with the shopping cart market and went on to other adventures for a few years.

We are so glad to be back to selling our quality original mini shopping carts. We know there are many customers out there and now that the internet is running the world, we thought we’d jump back in the game again.

The site is under construction for now, so come back often and see our changes. And please don’t leave without buying one of our mini shopping carts!

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