Bayou Fest in Long Beach, California

Working the 31st annual Bayou Fest in Long Beach, California this year was an eye opening experience. 

We had never heard of the Bayou Fest but were advised that this would be the place to set up a booth for our Dreamkeeper Mini Shopping carts. It would be our first venture out of the warehouse for the season, out of the online world and what a better place to be, oceanside! Turns out the Bayou Fest is held right next to the Long Beach Aquarium every year, near a pond and lagoon. The site was amazing in location and access! 

The Bayou Fest manager, Rene', was excellent at getting our booth details to us, he was also available and accessible throughout the fest. The staff and security were excellent, parking was at the marina across the street and the loading and unloading was quick and easy. Our vendor neighbors were all experienced and quite considerate. We thought the Bayou Festival was an attractive and cool way to sell our carts.

There was also an old car show going on for the weekend that we thought might bring good "foot traffic". Long Beach is indeed a beautiful place to setup, you can be assured the ocean breeze and marina view are refreshing thoughout the hot afternoons!

The Festival had about 40 booths, most of them were food vendors selling Alligator meat, Kobbler Pies, varieties of teas, Baby Back ribs, Chicken and Frog Legs!, while the area also played Zydeco music from two different stages! Saturday night was most likely the pinnacle day for entertainment and was most crowded. Most people came for the Zydeco music and food! 


There were also clothing vendors selling dresses, hats and mostly summer linens.

We sold a bunch of carts on both days at the fest!